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Biblioteca de Documentos

Tratamiento de Semillas

Why seed applied technologies are important and its impact on high quality seeds

Ioana Tudor (Syngenta)

Certified seed and seed treatment matters in the Americas and SAA STWG: current action

Antonio Tejada (SAA)

Case study: benefits of seed treatments for farmers environments high quality food

Rafael Ochoa (NOVASEM)

La importancia de los productos microbiológicos

Ricardo Yapur (SAA)

The Seedcare Institute in Holambra Brazil

Jose Veiga (Syngenta)

Training Education Industry initiatives

Ricardo Otranto (Bayer)

Seed applied technologies in the US

Andy Lavigne (ASTA)

Real life collaboration to ensure proper application in Argentina

Juan Petri (BioGrow)

International efforts of the seed industry

Michael Keller (ISF)